Which motorcycle brake bleed kit on a budget

If you keep and maintain your own motorcycle then at some point you will be doing a brake fluid change. Of course you could just take your bike to a mechanic and pay the money to get this done, but many would like to tackle this at home and to try to do this on a budget too.

The problem however with brake bleeding either on a car or bike is that it usually involves a couple of people, but with a brake bleed kit it removes that requirement and can be achieved by the sole home mechanic.

My old brake bleed kit bought the farm so it was time to renew and I thought I would try this out for my upcoming brake job on my Harley Davidson motorcycle. Click on the link to see it would suit your needs as it will mine. AOBETAK Brake Bleed Kit, Hand Held Vacuum Pump Tester with Adapters

There will be a review video of this on the YouTube channel and website coming soon too so be sure to check that out.

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