Do I need a metal scribe? Oh yes you do!

Since getting back into regular metal work I have realised that a lot of the practices I have adopted over the years just haven’t been up to scratch…pardon the pun.

Whenever marking metal ready for cutting or I want a fine mark on metal, I would have used a marker pen or even pencil. Whilst they are ok, I would often find that they would just wipe off or it wouldn’t help to stabilise the cutting or drilling tool.

Just like a centre punch for drilling, I now have returned to using a scribe to mark metal when I was to cut it too as I find it is easier to track along and better to have a mark that can’t be easily wiped off too.

This is a simple budget tool that I really should have had in my tool chest for many years but just didn’t until now. My only regret is that I didn’t get it earlier. There will be a review video coming soon on the YouTube channel and website. Click on the link to see if will suit your needs. Eclipse Professional Tools E227 Machinists Scriber

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