If you have hex head bolts to tighten or loosen, you will know what a pain they can be if you keys are not the right size or fit or if they’ve worn or rounded off.

So it was times to renew a set that I had, which had many of the popular sizes missing or broken. I chose this set from Meterk which I have some of their other tools which I was pleased with and I’m glad I did as they’ve been great. I have a review video coming soon for the YouTube channel and website so check that out soon.

Click the link to see for yourself Meterk 35pcs Allen Keys Set Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Allen Wrench Set, Torque T-Handle, S2 Steel, Inch/Metric

The great thing about this set is that it is both metric and imperial sizes as well as has torx sizes too. But in addition the allen keys also have the extra ball ends for those pesky bolts where the standard fit just doesn’t work.

Now I know my workshop needs to allen keys is sorted, I can get onto other jobs I’ve been putting off.