If you are anything like me, you’ll soon find yourself in awkward spaces and working positions trying to bolt or unbolt equipment and you realise your existing spanner and socket set just doesn’t the mustard.

I had considered getting some ratchet spanners for a long time but for some reason I resisted…more fool me. I decided it really was time for a set so I initially opted for a flexi head set ranging from 8mm to 19mm for a 12 piece set.
The build quality seemed on point and would certainly work for what I needed and the set wouldn’t break the bank either. So I chose the 12pcs Flexible Ratchet Spanner Set, 8-19mm Metric Ratchet Spanner Sets, Cr-V Flex Head Wrench Tool Kit, Combination Wrench Set with Roll Bag Click on the link to see what you think and if it will be what you’re looking for.
I will make a review video soon for the channel and website.