Which Grinding and Cutting Wheels for Grinders

One of the staple power tools in the workshop for me has been my trusty angle grinder which I prefer the smaller 115mm or 4 1/2inches which is just easier to handle and better for cleaning metal and cutting into smaller areas.

I was running low on grinding and cutting discs so I thought I would get a set that included a flap wheel which would be great for cleaning up metal before I would set to welding it.

So I searched around and found this GALAX PRO Accessories Sets for Angle Grinder, Grinding Discs, 20 Pack which had 5 grinding, 10 cutting and 5 flap discs as part of the set which would keep me going for a while. Click on the link to see if this might work out for you.
I thought the quality was decent and they performed well too for my needs and was good value for this budget price.

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