Isn’t it amazing the lengths you will go to in avoiding getting the right tool for the job. If you’ve ever drilled through metal or tried to mark it prior to drilling, you soon realise that the tool best suited to the job is a simple centre punch set.

I used to have a set of centre punches which I used regularly when building bikes in the past but when I last moved house, I somehow lost them and never replaced them either.
I would used all sorts of metal and non metal items I could find to either scribe, score or make an indentation into the metal prior to drilling but in reality it was never quite the best job.

For those unaware, a centre punch is hit with a hammer to make a small indentation into the metal you wish to drill. This helps to lock the drill bit into position when first start to drill so that it doesn’t slip.

So I thought I would get a budget set just for the workshop Opopark 3 Pieces Centre Punch Tool for Steel Metal

If you work on metal or even with another material and would like a guide to help your drill bit run true, then do yourself a favour and get yourself a set of punches. You won’t regret it. Click on the link to see for yourself.