How to hold metal like glue | Best budget welding magnets

Everyday is a learning day in the workshop right now as I get to grips with my welding journey on my MIG welder. One of the major problems I had was to weld two pieces of metal adjacent to each other at right angles without it warping into a funny angle. So I decided I really should get a set of welding magnets to help me on my way.

Once again I was looking around for magnets that would be strong and durable as well as be able to hold substantial weight…well certainly enough for what I would be building in the workshop and most likely relating to motorcycles and smaller structures.
I opted for a 4 piece set 50lb / 100mm Large Welding Welder Magnet which should suit me fine. Click on the link to have a look yourself but this is certainly one bit of kit that will definitely help you out when started out in welding and you need to get to grips with welding angles.

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