New Directions?

Hey all, had a few days of reflection, weighing up the channel and website. Lots of things I’m working on and lots of things that are just not going well either. I’m looking to a new direction now, still with bike themes but perhaps doing it differently too. Difficult to judge which is best to do and what videos to make that will be watched as most of the videos are not getting viewing numbers that I’d hope for. As soon as I know, you’ll know, but in the meantime there are still videos coming out soon and I’ve placed them all on a premiere too. I am still aiming to do Live shows but after working out some tech issues, which seems to have attracted some negativity from some people, I may wait until there is something really specific to show on those.Future videos will hopefully attract more viewers and help the channel grow too, which is ultimately what I’m hoping for on here.
Cheers all

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