Motorcycle Dash Cams…Is this the must have item for 2021?

In vehicle dash cams have been used for some time as we know but only in recent years have motorcyclists started to adopt them too.

For many of us in the media and content production field, we are usually riding along with some type of action cam strapped to our bike or helmet, delivering our views on the biking world thus never really needing the dash cam to help our pleas post having a road collision of some kind.

However as society is stretched more and more and local government resources are thinned out by other needier expenditure…it might be the time that dash cams for motorcycles are a must have item.

You see it’s not just the ability to be able to get video evidence of any other vehicle that causes a hazard to us on the road by driving dangerously whether with intent or not, it is also about gaining evidence of road surfaces and environments that are hazardous and that cause damage to our vehicles and our person too.

Now, of course many wilfully enthusiastic rider can tighten their own noose around their neck if they are riding beyond the rules of the road and this is captured on the video. In fact traffic collision investigators often ask to bring into evidence any dash cam footage to be used later in prosecution too.

Up until this point I have not really seen the need for motorcycle dash cams but I often find myself riding without filming needs too, so I can really see their benefit now and especially if they can be placed on the motorcycle inconspicuously too.

Perhaps it’s time for all of us to start thinking more about capturing our riding footage…whether to be used for later content for in our defence should it be required. The modern self contained units that can be linked up to smart phone apps makes them a great option for simple footage gathering and sharing too. As the quality has peaked then should our interest int benefits too…perhaps.

What do you think?

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