UFO Lights on my Harley-Davidson Speedo

Well things went from the strange to absurd this evening on my ride home in the dark. The instrument module on my Harley-Davidson Sport Glide decided it wanted to display whatever the hell it liked regardless of my interventions.

On start up, nothing was unusual until I flicked on the high beam which seemed very dim without any positive increase in light being shed upon the road ahead. Then as I flicked back to main beam, my fog light indication came on.

‘Oh…that’s weird’ I thought as there wasn’t any light coming out of my fog lights. So I tried turning on the said fog lights and they came on with the little green fog light display still showing. Pressing the switch again dutifully turned off the fog lights but the fog light display remained…hmmmm?

Being tired and eager to get home I proceeded on my journey with a constant tinkering with the switches to see if I could figure out what was going on.

Headlight seemed very dim, fog lights still worked but then ABS light came on…then went off. Followed by hazard lights being display on the instrument module but not as the indicators…this was getting very odd!

I pulled over, turned off the engine. Waited for a few seconds then turned it back on…still the same fog light display but everything else seemed to settle down, albeit that the headlight was still crappy.

This carried on for another 20miles until I was almost home, when the fog light display suddenly turned itself off and the headlight seemed to get brighter especially when selecting high beam.

This I figured was some kind of fault either with the BCM – Body Control Module or the IM – Instrument Module. I was all prepared to spend my next few days doing a deep dive into the electrics and error codes to see if I could fix the issue…whatever the hell it was!

I’m sure some of you may have your opinions as what was going on. I confess to having a few myself but really all I can assume is that between the two parts there was some glitch that just needed time to sort itself out.

I offer no explanation nor do I fully understand why the instrument module was playing up, but suffice to say it’s all working fine…for now at least. So I put this out to you all. What could have caused this? What could have caused my light indications to go haywire and for my headlight not to work properly, then with a few miles, it seemed to rectify itself?

I’ll certainly be monitoring it and wonder whether I’ll have to get it back to the dealership for them to fix under warranty. Oh how I’ll look forward to that struggle…but even that won’t be possible right now as we’re in lockdown and the dealership is closed until further notice.

Over to you guys. Any Harley-Davidson Softail riders, Sport Glide owners who have had this happen to them? What was the result of your findings.
I await your verdicts. Cheers

2 thoughts on “UFO Lights on my Harley-Davidson Speedo

    1. Yes could very well be. That was my first thought but it appears these were all individual issues and since its cleared up, it’s all working fine again. Could be an early glitch in the BCM which I’ll keep an eye on. More investigation needed and hopefully it won’t happen again. Cheers


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