What Are UK Lockdown Rules For Motorcycles in 2021

Here in the UK as we start 2021, we are under another national lockdown in an effort to curb the spread of Covid 19 and there has been some confusion once again about the use of motorcycles.

In essence, there isn’t any restriction on the use of motorcycles as a mode of transport. Therefore any rider can use any motorcycle for those permitted essential journeys to work, to buy essential supplies and to make local journeys to a place to exercise outdoors etc.

Motorcycle racing, organised gatherings or organised events is not permitted however there is no rule as far as we know that prevents riders by chance being at the same place but maintaining social distance to help stop the spread of coronavirus and the new variants which are more transmissible leading to record infection rates and daily death tolls.

The question has been raised again whether riders should take the risk of riding motorcycles during these times in case they are involved in a road traffic collision, thus placing even greater strain on the emergency services and the NHS. However there is no mandate to state whether riding is an acceptable practice or not and for anyone to suggest that the practice should be frowned upon is merely giving their opinion and one that is not based upon facts nor regulation.

Motorcycling organisations have also issued statements to their members explaining as much but have also gone further suggesting that riding in an inappropriate manner or negligently will be deemed negatively by the Police and law makers with fines likely.

However there is a fuzzing of the lines here in the name of Covid 19 because any such riding negligently or in an inappropriate manner at any time would always attraction negative attention from the Police, so to suggest it has a special place because of the pandemic is folly.

As long as your journey is a legitimate one under the current restrictions then the mode of transport is not a stipulation. As long as you abide by the road traffic laws, as is always the case, then no negative opinion or attention will be attracted either.

As for whether riding motorcycles in the winter or in adverse weather conditions in the right thing to do, well that is purely a personal choice and as long as proper precautions have been adopted then once again there is nothing to state that motorcycles or scooters cannot be ridden.

Of course during these times anyone would urge only the most essential journeys and not to meet socially at all. As the vaccines are being rolled out across the country, there is hopefully only another 2-3 months of restrictions before we can start to get back to doing whatever we all used to do.

As for me…I am still riding my motorcycle daily. I commute to work and go to essential shops that are open for trade. Perhaps the greater question should be what shops are really essential and what are mere convenience?

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