As Harley-Davidson fans from around the globe eagerly await the much anticipated 2021 model launch next week, some dealerships…primarily in the US have started to receive models to bolster their stock.

Whilst the company has been tight lipped about the new models or any changes, it appears that dealerships have been getting early bikes to start selling and these are notably the models that haven’t had any changes to them.

Step up the Harley-Davidson Sport Glide which many believed would have been axed this time around but the company have kept the faith with this all rounder and have released it with new colour options and new tank paint design which is an improvement on the original.

Also new for the Sport Glide is the colour match saddlebags which many previous owners have taken upon themselves to fashion. It appears that the company have been taking note of what some owners want and for some this will be a welcome addition albeit not exactly technologically earth shattering.

However, whilst these aesthetic improvements will undoubtedly receive a few hip hip hoorays from the loyal following, there are many that are still left wondering about the more important changes that many have been asking for.

The 2021 model does not come with any mechanical changes. No 114 cubic inch engine option, no uprated suspension and no dual front brakes either. But perhaps they have included the alarm siren box this time which they omitted on the 2020 models…or perhaps not.

As the model will approach its third year anniversary later this year, many will be wondering why should they buy the Sport Glide. As a potential new owner, there is a lot of motorcycle that you will be opening your wallet for however the question is why would you buy a brand new one when you could get a quality used model, which apart from the slight visible changes…amount to exactly the bike.

Another issue here is that existing Sport Glide owners will be less inclined to trade in their older Sport Glides for the new model due to the lack of substantial changes especially without the 114 engine and the dual front disk brakes.

The Sport Glide will no doubt still draw admirers from far and wide but will this final lack of advancements lead to its eventual demise once it completes its third birthday. One can only imagine but if that is the case, then Harley-Davidson will only have themselves to blame for not giving this bike the attention it truly needed…or at least enable it with options for those who would fancy the changes.

Time will tell.