How Do Your Brakes Feel On Your Motorcycle? Where Are They Wearing Most?

A couple of months ago I had a front and rear tyre change on my bike and it was noted that my front brake pads were nearly worn through, so I decided to get them swapped out at the same time.

No dramas there you might think. But actually what surprised me was that I thought I had been very light on my front brakes and heavier on my rear brakes since riding it. For those of you who don’t know I ride a H-D Sport Glide. It’s a cruiser and the weight is somewhat planted on the rear so adding a bit of rear brake actually helps to stabilise the bike.

Of course I use the front brake for most of the stopping and initial slowing down, but I then use the rear as much as possible. It suits my riding and for the bike too.

So when my front pads were nearly worn through at 7500miles but my rear brake pads were nearly untouched, I wondered how much actual pressure I was applying to the rear and whether I used it as much as I thought I ever did?

We all have our different riding styles and what we think we are doing and what actually happens is sometimes poles apart. It hasn’t stopped me riding in my own style but I have become more focussed on how much pressure I do apply to the rear and for how long too.

Next time you’re out riding, try to figure this out for yourself and see where you think you’re using most. You should be using most for the front but the wear pattern may give you the best indication of exactly what you’re doing when riding too.

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