What will you be doing this biking winter?

Ah we know winter is upon us when the leaves have fallen from the trees, rain falls horizontally and the temperatures fall to enforce multi layering…but will you still ride or do you have other plans.

I’ve always enjoyed riding throughout the winter. Yes the bike looks ugly and the conditions are less than favourable, but there is a feeling of satisfaction and adventure when I ride out during these times.

Far fewer bikes are on the roads, there are seldom bike events going on in the UK apart from the odd indoor event…if they’ll ever return that is, so sometimes you wonder what benefit there is to ride when there isn’t really a community to ride with or be part of.

I always thought riding was a personal endeavour and any social benefits were an addition rather than the basis of why I rode. There is no better feeling than meeting up with other fine fellows but I see riding…and especially during winter as an adventure waiting to happen.

When the weather is quite bleak, that’s when interesting places to visit are quiet and sometimes can be fun too.

I know where I’ll be this winter. Wrapped up warm on the bike, heated gloves on, waterproofs at the ready and with an eye on the prize, to go explore places where the Covid-19 leisure exercising brigades no longer roam.

What about you?

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