Who’s Coming To My Motorcycle Party?

So many plans this year but alas a pesky little thing that is the coronavirus has thwarted my endeavours.

I wanted to organise a big meet up of Sport Glide owners and even extended out to Softail riders and of course anyone who follows the channel too…but perhaps that will have to wait until next year now.

Too many biking events have had to be cancelled all over the world and I dare say many more will follow the same fate too before this nightmare is over.

Some events have restarted and have carried on regardless but with changes to the usual routines, however you wonder if people are forcing themselves to enjoy proceedings or whether the enforced changes are just making it not the experience they were hoping for.

Perhaps small events is where it’s at now. They are easier to organise and certainly manage under current social restrictions or any that may be imposed in the future. We can all do our bit and do the right thing. Lend our support, attend where we can but will likely have to acknowledge it may never be the same again.

As for my meet ups…well I still aim to please. But let me know whether you would like to attend and how would you feel about it too. I can’t promise beers, food, scantily clad women…perhaps not even music but a fair showing of overweight middle aged biking types who just yearn to meet like minded people and have an afternoon, evening or even weekend of fun.

yes indeed!

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