Are Bikers The Same All Over The World

The beauty of the internet, the power of YouTube and other social media allows us all to connect with other like minded folk from anywhere in the world.

We share common interests, passions and the struggle against similar issues, but to say we are all the same is a stretch too far isn’t it.

Is an American biker the same as a British one, Australian, Italian, South African? Yes there could be similarities but fundamentally we are from different societies and our tastes and behaviours will reflect that too.

Don’t get me wrong…being different is not a bad thing. In fact it enables us to have deeper conversations about our various approaches to common biking and life issues.

I make videos about my riding interests and many comments I get from around the world is not about what I am particularly doing but rather the environment in which I am doing it.

“Wow, you’re roads are so narrow!”

“Where did all those bushes and trees comes from?”

Personally I love the fact that people can connect from different places around the world and can forge friendships too. We share interests. We may have commonality but we may also be totally different types of people too.

Not everyone you meet at your local bike event or rally, you will instantly warm to or you’ll even want to talk to, but perhaps there might be a spark or two.

Being on a motorcycle can break down barriers between strangers, especially when isolated from the usual herd. We can offer up words of wisdom or sage anecdotes to anyone who will listen, or merely raise a smile with a nod too.

Being different from others both near and far is a good thing. It has to be! Because if we were all the same, then we might as well just stay at home and feed the fish.
We have similar tastes and opinions. Some are forthright and others more malleable. We have our factions, umbrellas and sub groups but fundamentally we ride the roads or dirt. We depart and aim to arrive at some place down the way in one place having enjoyed what we have just done, raised a smile, breathed in some good air and created memories that will last the test of time.

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