Do The Young Harley Techs Know Their Stuff?

It’s a byproduct of advancing age, but anyone else always seems to be young and naive. Police officers look about 12, medics are unworldly and the public servants and bureaucrats look as if they still live with their parents.

Now bring this a little closer to the motorcycling home. As bikers we tend to trust in our own experiences and if you are someone who likes to tinker with machines or who will be reluctant to pay high dealership prices then you will amass a decent amount of knowledge of your particular motorcycle, however there is always that point when you’ll need to go to a dealership or parts supplier and you are met with the young, bold and hopeless too.

Now this could be a great disservice being painted here, but we tend to enter these places with some bias. Surely the immature will not be able to help me or will not be able to deal with my enquiry? However for the most part they do, especially if it is searchable on their computer database.

These days those young know it alls…really don’t need to know anything at all, but rather all they need to do is be able to search for it. Just like a technician doesn’t really need to be able to conjure up impossible fixes but rather just be the fitter they are employed to be. Hook up the bike to the diagnostics which spells out what part is to be replaced…and they replace it.

The issue becomes evident when we’re asking something slightly different or for a vehicle they have long since forgotten about or did not even know existed…that’s right isn’t it?

However, we’ve got to give these fine young folk a break, as they are learning just as we had to learn to. We want to be able to go get our parts and drink from the tree of knowledge as we once did, but it may be a surprise and an uncomfortable realisation that the big tree in the room is you and others may want to sap you dry too.

We all have our bias and believe that those who we seek to assist us must know more about something than we do and we’re left reeling when that clearly isn’t the case. However for the most part, for the regular items…they will know their stuff. For anything else, well perhaps it’s still best we take that upon ourselves to learn and learn very quick.

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