Sport Glide Battle | Stock Harley Exhaust vs TAB Exhaust

Sport Glide Battle | Stock Harley Exhaust vs TAB Exhaust – Here I compare the standard H-D Sport Glide exhaust and bike to another Sport Glide but with a TAB exhaust with a normal baffle.

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One thought on “Sport Glide Battle | Stock Harley Exhaust vs TAB Exhaust

  1. rick Dionne

    good article I would encourage readers to consider an HD Street Cannon single exhaust (slip on) combined with a Screamin Eagle Race tuner kit…amazing performance……a deep sound noise that will not piss off your neighbours or the local constabulary…..the benefits include not only an increase in HP but also better MPG. The reason” Simple, because of the performance kit and the hi-flow etc with the street cannon, you are using less throttle than normal to sustain the same speeds…therefore less petrol is drunk by the Sport Glide but the increase in torque, power and the pleasant sound is there if and when u need it


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