What’s your favourite motorcycle photo you’ve taken?

If you had to choose your best ever photo of your bike…what would it be? Was it the result of hours of preparation, set up and post edit or was it spontaneous?

I’ve taken some great (in my mind that is) photos in the past but to be able to narrow it down to a single photo is quite a hard choice. However there is one over the last couple of years that I just love looking at and it was the simplest of photos with very basic edits on it too.

I suppose your favourite photo is exactly that. It is a personal choice. It doesn’t have to be technically brilliant. It need only be pleasing to you and stirs something inside you to pause, remember and think fond thoughts.

I love black and white photos and in particular the ability to create high contrasts or select locations that gift that naturally too. This shot of my bike in one of my best places to take photos, does it for me.

But what about you?

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