Waiting For Parts – No Divine Comedy…Rather An Inferno

Priding oneself with the ability to conceive multiple projects at any given time, my efforts are usually thwarted by the reluctance of suppliers to be able to deliver on time.

I am currently trapped in a projects purgatory with no end in sight. Parts have been ordered from all four corners of the globe. I am doing my bit to help keep dealerships in business by ordering parts from them too, but alas as yet the postman avoids my front door as if it were marked with a big red X and is unlikley to knock twice anytime soon.

I cannot say that I was not prepared for the wait of parts but I was hoping for a trickle to tide me over. So much for wishful thinking.

And since the projects for the bike and future video productions has ground to a halt, I have now been forced to address those outstanding chores around the house and garden that I have been reminded are way past their due date on way too many numerous occasions…I am in hell!

So if you’re in the same situation and are awaiting your bits and bobs to arrive so you can continue on your quest for everlasting hero status, rest assured that you do not trek into this fiery pit of hell alone…We stand shoulder to shoulder, brothers and sisters in arms, nervously twitching every time there is the slightest sound from the front door and yet still stranded at the kitchen table crying into our cornflakes.

We Are Not Alone…I Want To Believe…but no amount of Chris Carter X Files 3rd Act will appease the torture.

I await impatiently…

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