Don’t you just hate Software Updates!

Computerisation is there is assist us in our evolution. We have all sorts of gadgetry that are ruled by logarithms, algorithms and microscopic organisms that work beneath the plastic housings…in an upside down world. They keep things moving, working and we are allowed to function.

However occasionally there are new work to rule practices invoked. The upside down minions have dissension within their ranks. Industrial action is called for when mediation breaks down. The harmony that exists is disrupted and the techno society falls into anarchy…we see this as glitches.

So they call for a strike. A down tools until it is all resolved. Upper management formulate a package that is meant to appease the dissenters and an all points strike is averted. All is well. All is calm…errr, no it isn’t!

What the minions did not realise is that said package from management was only a temporary gesture which actually caused more chaos than good. Fabric of the upside down world society soon begins to unravel and basic public works cease to function. You know you’re in the doo doo when you can’t recycle your rubbish.

This is what a software update is all about. It is supposed to fix issues but usually causes something that you’ve come to rely upon to cease working. This happened to me today during a latest IOS update on my iPhone. Functions I once enjoyed are no longer available to me. The phone will not be recognised by iTunes on my computer and life as we know it has all but ended.

I await the next round of strike action to push notify management they need to find another solution to the problem they caused by the implementation of their last brainwave.

I may resort to carrier pigeons next. At least I know if I get pooped on from a great height, it’s the natural order.

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