A Motorcycle Job Half Done!

No matter your finest intentions, there are some tasks that don’t get completed.

Now this could be a temporary set back whilst you wait for parts or you’re called away whilst washing you ride. However some interruptions can last a lot longer or may even be permanent.

As Bruce Lee once said, “Be like Water!” We should have purpose but not everything need be attacked with a sledge hammer!

So this morning I was being like water just Bruce told me to be. Actually I was using water to was my bike with laundry detergent! Yes that’s a thing…and it works amazingly well. Your bike will be brighter than white, colourfast or firm…can never remember which it is, and all your stains will disappear.

That is if you’re able to finish the task before being dragged away for another emergency that your nearest and dearest have decided to declare!

So whilst the bike may be clean, it is not without soapy residue and streaks…the enemy of any apprentice detailer.

So when I am eventually allowed to my initial task, I will no doubt have to start all over again just to get the streaks out. This time I hope to finish the job in a single helping.

If this or something similar has happened to you or occurs with alarming regularity, then rest your troubled mind. For you are not alone, we are kindred spirits trapped in purgatory until the stars align to free us from this taskus interruptous!

We shall prevail and wait for better days when our bubbles cannot be pierced by those major troubles.

Here endeth my sermon!

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