No More Patreon…Nor Podcasts for RevelatorAlf

Hi all

I just thought it was the right time to change a few elements of what I’m trying to do with the video content, website and where I’d like to take it going forward.

I have been looking for a physical site/space to have as a workshop/studio but also as a hangout area for the future with light food, refreshments etc. Basically a fun area to work, make videos but also socialise and for it to become a riding destination…well that was the idea anyway.

I am still very much looking for this to happen. Whilst I have been looking at different commercial spaces, it is still beyond my reach right now but I will continue to search with the hope of it becoming a reality.

I had hoped that I could gather some support from producing extra content on the Patreon site, but the reality is that this hasn’t really worked out in the way I would have hoped. Time is a major factor here, so I have decided to stop the Patreon site for the time being and also stop any future Podcast uploads too.

Anyone can still show their support to help grow the channel with the view to hopefully make the studio/hangout place a reality, by subcribing to the YouTube channel, website, buy items from the web shop and directly funding via the Paypal link on the website too.

As for the videos, there will only be one place to view them from this point forward. So to that end I have shut down the Cocoscope links too. I just feel streamlining my efforts are better served in trying to make the dream come true.

Everything else about the channel, social networks and website will stay the same. The content will continue to evolve and become more varied but still with similar themes too. I have many ideas for future content so hopefully it will continue to draw an audience out there.

Thanks so much to all the subscribers so far. Please continue to tell your friends about the channel and website…and hopefully we’ll be meeting each other soon too.

Cheers all


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