Harley Lies and Negative Attention


Have been getting some great comments, feedback and lots of emails regarding this video I put out on Friday. Judging by many messages I have got, this issue runs deep for many others too and especially among us Sport Glide riders. Also just to confirm to some naysayers out there…I actually do own and ride a Harley! Yes I do actually research each video. No, I am not being negative towards Harley…far from it but just highlighting issues as I come across them. No, I never claim to know everything or anything more than anyone else…apparently I know nothing about riding bikes or Harleys or biker lifestyle too…and finally just because I make a video highlighting a tech issue or discuss a topic…it does not make me a hater of all things Harley, bikes, bikers or biking lifestyle.

It would appear that some people still don’t watch the videos all the way through, or listen when they watch, make assumptions without knowing my channel or website…or simply choose to hurl abuse because they can.
I always feel committed to answer as many comments as I can and will try to help wherever I can too, but I shan’t answer any abusive, argumentative or negative comments. Those will just get a thumbs down from me or will get reported and blocked if it persists. I’d rather spend my time with the honest and good than anything else. Next video dropping tomorrow at 12pm. Cheers all.

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