Armor All Bug Cleaning Wipes – The initial verdict!

I am in the process of experimenting with automotive wipes on my Harley Davidson at the moment and I am looking for a fast acting, sweet smelling and high performing product that would shift bugs, dirt and stubborn road tar with the littlest of fuss.

Well suffice to say, I think I have found a very good solution and this Armor All Bug Cleaning tub of wipes is perfect to keep in the garage or workshop and to quickly reach for to give the bike or car a speedy once over to free it of pesky bugs and any other contaminant.

I took the opportunity to film a full review and test which will be released shortly but if there was a product to get you bike of car clean if a snip then you could do a lot worse than this.

You can get yours here if you so wish to try. Enjoy. Armor All Bug Cleaning Wipes

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