In name of research I am taking it upon myself to do a full and extensive review of many car and motorcycle wipes as possible.

After receiving a free sample some years ago before they ever came to market, I ashamedly thought they would never take off, especially in the motorcycle world but since then my views have changed and I tend to use them quite a lot, both on bikes and cars especially before detailing.

The great thing about them is that they are no nonsense, literally wipe on/wipe off and then throw away. But the best thing about them is that they actually work especially on those stubborn tar stains on your chrome or paintwork.

I’m going to be doing a motorcycle product review of as many as I can find suitable for bikes but my usual choice is Big Wipes Exterior Wipes Tub (Pack of 40)

The sheets are big enough to give you the sense you’re covering a big area and moist enough so that they don’t dry out as soon as you vacate them from the pack, but in the end it is the performance which I like so much…but I’m always wondering if there is another product out there that is better in every way.

Stay tuned for the video review coming soon

Big Wipes Exterior Wipes Tub (Pack of 40)