Social riding during Coronavirus? What were you thinking?

You may have seen my videos discussing continuing to ride my motorcycle during the lock down period. However I made it clear this would be for essential journeys and mostly for commuting to and from work.

Of course, bikers and the freedom of the open road is what it’s all about isn’t it? Well under normal circumstances yes, but we live in perilous times and the mere fact that I can hear and see motorcycles roaring around on a Saturday afternoon, being ridden like they were stolen means that many riders who are riding are either ignoring the essential reason for making journeys and are turning it into a social jolly, or are taking the opportunity to let off more than a little steam.

Pre Covid-19 I would have probably rolled my eyes and considered them to be an accident waiting to happen. It is not the riding of bikes that I contest, but the manner in which they are ridden and the reason for doing so right now.

We all value our freedoms but these kinds of actions, whilst few, will attract negative attention from the law makers and enforcers. These same riders will be the ones bemoaning stricter rules when they are tightened because of their own actions too.

However my frustration here is not with the negative attention that it should warrant at this particular time, but more so what the lasting legacy will be if this ignorance of sane advice continues.

Let us not forget that the emergency services are overly stretched right now and the hospitals will be overrun very shortly with Covid positive patients, some of which will require intensive care.

People think they are invincible and value their skill set way beyond what the reality is. If anyone has a crash on a motorcycle right now, on largely quiet roads then there is no-one else to blame but themselves and the injuries they sustain will not only burden them but impose a duty of care upon a healthcare system that can ill afford it right now.

I will defend motorcyclists rights until I am blue in the face and will defend to ride a motorcycle as a mode fo transport for these essential journeys during the lockdown period, but I will not defend social riding of any kind especially when riders are riding without any care and attention for theirs or anyone’s well being.

This is not the time and place to be making best use of quiet roads wishing it were a racetrack. Anyone thinking they won’t crash in these coming days should tell the riders that have been picked up off the road by emergency workers in recent days that they wouldn’t crash either.

The frustration for emergency and healthcare workers is growing daily. Not only in fear of being in the red zone of Covid care but having to respond and deal with incidents that should not be happening if people only listened to what they were being told to do.

I ride my motorcycle everyday to and from work, but when I am not working…guess what? I don’t leave the house. Everyone has to make a temporary sacrifice…if being at home is any kind of sacrifice? So if that means just staying off your bike for a few weeks for non essential journeys, then so be it!


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