I’m aiming to do a Live Show on Sunday afternoon to give some insight and updates of the channel as well as discuss some latest news from the Harley Davidson world and the related content I’ll be producing. There are daily videos until the end of March, sometimes multiple videos per days as well as new style videos and video shorts being produced for the channel and some exclusive to the social media channels too. As you can imagine, there’s a lot going on at the moment but I am trying to answer as many comments as I can. Thanks for all the emails and messages too with suggestions and information that you have. This really helps to craft future content for the channel and website.

Big thanks also for individual support recently and acts of kindness which is starting to help me reinvest in the channel to make it evolve and grow too. I’ve updated the Patreon account just now and I will be now producing exclusive videos and behind the scenes videos for there too and support can also be given via the Paypal link on the website too. With your support I’ve already been able to get a better webcam for the Live streams and I’ve changed things up in the studio now to start making it more professional looking too.
If you have any questions for the show or any topics you wished discussed, then please email them in or send messages via Patreon account too…and I’ll read them out. There will be a pre live show video going up on the Patreon tiers to show what changes have been made also in the studio. But lots to talk about from the motorcycling and H-D world so please join me at 1pm Sunday UK time, and don’t forget to send in those questions for the show.