Edinburgh HD – Made it to Scotland #HDGBEndurance #TVAirAmb #Bikers4Charity @tvairambulance ‪@TVAirAmb #RevelatorAlf‬

2 thoughts on “Edinburgh HD – Made it to Scotland #HDGBEndurance #TVAirAmb #Bikers4Charity @tvairambulance ‪@TVAirAmb #RevelatorAlf‬

  1. Stewart MacGregor

    Sorry we missed you – We arrived at 645 and stayed until 715 just in case
    Glad to hear the end is nigh, Well done!

    1. Ah thanks so much. Yep the weather down south was not great and I needed to get to Preston which is a really long leg. Sorry missed you but bless you for coming out anyway. That’s much appreciated

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