Harley Softail or Tourer? What’s your weapon?

After a recent visit to a Floridian Harley Davidson dealership and checking out their stock of bikes on show, it dawned on me that overwhelmingly the bike of choice or that which to aspire to…or possibly the one that the dealerships will try to push onto you in the tourer type.

You know the ones, big in everything! Panniers, comfort, fairing, sound system and of course price too.

I wanted to find out how many Softail Sport Glides were being sold and to my surprise the salesman stated they sell well and are readily snapped up too.

Perhaps the sea of tourers in the dealership were unsold stock and many riders are now going for the Softail in whichever guise is in demand more.

There is no doubt the router is still king in terms of sales figures in recent years and are bucking the trend of falling sales figures of other Harley model genres.

Perhaps it’s just me, but they are too big and too cumbersome for my kind of riding on tight and overcrowded British roads, however spending some time in the US recently has made me remember why they are such a hit.

Big wide roads, big intersections and interstates with huge on and off ramps. The traffic flows in order for the most past and even at peak periods the traffic density wasn’t ridiculous either, so perhaps the big router isn’t out of place even if only for a trip to the local bar, cafe or supermarket…

In truth I saw few bikes on the roads but perhaps a lot of that has to do with a looming hurricane just teasing us offshore however even when it passed us by, it was still quiet.

I love the Sport Glide Softail for its crossover qualities and every bike appeal. It’s relatively light and nimble but perhaps it is dwarfed on the US toad system.

For me the Softail is still king but what about you? What would you choose?

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