Peter Fonda dies at 79

Long time cult motorcycling hero Peter Fonda died last night at the age of 79.

Most will remember him for his leading role, alongside Dennis Hooper in cult motorcycle flick: Easy Rider which only recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

However he also featured in other biker movies as well as more conventional too.

Perhaps deemed the wayward son of legendary actor: Henry Fonda who was notoriously more conservative than his son and daughter; Jane. However what Peter Fonda did was to break new ground in movie making and also lifestyle too.

There are not many people in this world that can leave this impression on the public let alone amongst the subculture of motorcycling lifestyle, so much so that it generated its own following too.

As the Easy Rider theme tune plays in my mind, there can only be one suitable epitaph for this powerful, intrepid and independent soul.

Peter Fonda – Born To Be Wild

Rest in Peace

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