What stops you riding your motorcycle?

I awoke this morning to damp roads and the scent of a storm that had passed by.

I had domestic duties to perform before I needed to hit the road but, in my shame, for a split second I contemplated not riding for fear of getting my new bike wet and dirty.

Of course I immediately gave myself a severe slap across the face to pull myself out of this idiocy but it’s amazing what that ‘new bike’ feeling can do to a man.

Suffice to say by the time I got on the road, it wasn’t so bad as to share any of its surface water or grime with my bike but I acknowledge that I did intentionally dodge the odd puddle or two.

I’m sure this preciousness will pass quite soon as I pride myself on being an all weather rider…well almost. However as I sit in a large coffee and burger joint, slurping an almost delicious hot beverage and waiting out another passing storm, I am becoming to realise my fate today.

I am going to get wet! My bike will get dirty and will need a good deal of cleaning on my return.

I am now in search of a minion to do the cleaning for me…as that is my least favourite thing to do as a biker. Getting dirty and wet is just a byproduct of riding but you can keep the relentless cleaning.

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