Harley Davidson owners aren’t getting any younger?

I overheard a funny conversation the other day as I was sat in a Harley dealership…where a thirty something potential customer claimed that he didn’t really want a Harley because it’s only for old men.

The salesman in the dealership walked him around a few of the bikes and also proceeded to state that many new Harley riders are a lot younger…perhaps into late 20s or early 30s.

In the UK especially, it is undoubtedly the perception that Harley riders are of the older persuasion and perhaps the lolloping wildebeests are best suited to those with bigger bellies and fatter wallets…however the times have changed in recent years and bikes with better youth appeal and street cred have attracted a newer and younger audience.

Yes, they are still expensive, but then again all bikes are…especially performance bikes. The black casings and club bike lookalike bikes over the last few years have added some wow factor…and people looking for something a bit different have started to look where once they did not.

In the US, however it is true that the demographic is getting older as the younger kids are going for Japanese and European brands such as Triumph, Ducati and BMWs but whilst in Europe it is still largely dominated by the middle aged crowd, it is still a welcome sight to see more younger people in the dealerships and contemplating a purchase…if only they could ever afford them that is.

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