Čezeta relaunch an electric pig motorcycle

We live in turbulent times within the motorcycling world which is in a constant state of flux and dominated by new incarnations of electric motorcycling.

Čezeta 506/02 is the rebranded take on the Czechoslovakian ‘Communist Vespa’ motorcycle from the 50’s which sold an impressive 120k units using a 175cc 2 stroke engine.

The UK does not have an importer but the price tag at £18k is a little steep for the grandchild of ‘The Pig’ as it was less affectionately known back in the day.

Features with the current machine is 15bhp electric motor incorporated into the rear wheel and 6kWh of Panasonic lithium-ion batteries inside the composite bodywork.

There are three power modes, plus a reverse gear to help manoeuvre its 187kg. Čezeta claim a top speed of 75mph, a 0-30mph time of just 2.7 seconds and a range of 75 miles.

However MCN in the uk tested it up to 66mph, 0-30 in 5 secs and 40mile range and charging by domestic supply over 3 hours.

There are no doubt some eccentric qualities of this machine and will attract a small legion of devotees however its performance is something yet proven and even useable however for a strictly urban assault vehicle…this may just be enough to get you through the day in the city.


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