Sons of Anarchy – New series?

Rumours have been flying around that a new series or possibly even two, of Sons of Anarchy could be conformed.

Already confirmed this week by creator Kurt Sutter is the second series of Mayans MC which will start in September on FX in the US.

Sutter is reported to have claimed this week on a podcast as a guest that there was always a 4 show deal with SOA.

Speaking in the podcast he stated that SOS and Mayans were effectively Part 1&2.

Part 3 would be a prequel: ‘First 9’ telling the story of how the club formed and then Part 4 will be how Jax Teller’s sons return to Charming to discover their family and club roots.

We shall follow this thread closely over the coming months to see what materialises. However whatever happens this will surely get to fever pitch both in Hollywood biker realms and within the real motorcycle world too.

Of course Harley Davidson and the Luke will be kicking their lips at the mere notion of a new series whilst wannabe outlaw bikers will undoubtedly spring up too, not to mention the fuelling of many more so called ‘pop up’ clubs whose life expectancy will be as long as the series itself.

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