Hells Angels author: H S Thompson writing cabin for rent.

Who would have thought that a famed writer’s hideaway for penning his works of fiction would become a sought after retreat, but now on AirBnB you can stay in the secluded Owl Farm for $550 night and enjoy H S Thompson’s atmosphere..and writing desk if you so choose.

H S Thompson who wrote ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and was also notoriously famed for writing his book Hells Angels which told the tale of his year being embedded within the motorcycle club and recanting the goings one within. However this book and its stories have been rebuffed by the Sonny Barger and the club itself as pure fiction and the once hospitable relationship turned sour after the book had been published.

The two bedroom, bathroom, kitchen hideaway is offered to rent by Thompson’s surviving wife who is using the money to support his scholarship for veterans at Columbia University where they studied.

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