UK Motorcycle Sale Down

Recently reports by MCIA and the BMF details UK motorcycle sales have fallen by 11.6% in June with a total number 9,248 sales.

Scooters were down to 1,790 – 12.5% and down from a 16.5% increase in the same month last year…

Bigger cc bikes: 650 – 1000cc dropped by 19.5% and 50-125cc down by 12.7% with only a 1% increase in the +125-649cc grouping.

In general 2019 has been a fine year for motorcycling sale but this major blip in sales could mean a mid year downturn which has already seen a 2.9% slump in registrations since last year.

By contrast, the first quarter of the year saw some impressive sales figures in the UK but also around Europe too which saw an overall increase by 20%…and perhaps the lower return in the UK may have been due to Brexit fears however that is unsubstantiated as yet.

Amazingly Poland has reported an 87% increase whilst other countries like Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia and Hungary have all reported 50% increases.

so far in 2019, every nation in the European Community Zone apart from Greece (down 2%) posted gains between January and March, with Poland enjoying a huge surge of an 87% increase. The Central European nation, together with Romania, Hungary. Lithuania and Slovakia, each managed more than 50% gains.

However as the year reached it’s hump there appears to be a global trend towards a downturn which has already been felt in the large market in China and also India, which has reported influencing factors such as a decreasing economy, higher insurance premiums and higher prices due to enforced ABS on new bikes sales.


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