How to break in a Harley Davidson Motorcycle?

Well, it’s official…I am now the proud owner of a Harley Davidson Sport Glide…and what a hoot it is turning out to be.

Of course now begins the steep learning curve about riding the bike and figuring out what it can do but more importantly what it can’t do. I doubt I’ll be riding many dirt trails with this that’s for sure, but there are an endless supply of backroads to go explore…so I am all good.

However, I shall have to temper my enthusiasm for a while longer until the gloomy breaking in period is over and done with. There is 500 mile of nursing the bike and then another 500 of taking it relatively easy until the first required service at 1000miles.

Currently I am not supposed to go above 3000 revs and 70mph in top gear up to 50 miles on the clock. There are a whole host of speed, gears and rpm which I should not exceed and the engine should not labour either….oh…and I should never keep a constant speed.

All of this is designed to gradually wear in the engine…to loosen it up a little. From 50 – 500miles it’s not above 3500 revs and 80mph in top gear whilst everything else stays just as stringent.

On my first little 40miler today I wa dutifully doing what I had been instructed to do. I know this is in my best interests and the bike’s of course…but I would be lying through my teeth if I didn’t have the urge to open it up.

That being said it has been a good way to get to know the bike…finding that sweet spot to operate clutch and change gears, listen out for rev numbers, feel the brakes and how the bike turns in on a bend.

The weather was yet again glorious and I chose the lesser known roads for my afternoon ride. It was quiet and it gave me time to get acquainted without the noise of other traffic. A few more hundred miles to go before I can let the horses run, but until then this new child o’ mine needs to grow, learn…and mature.


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