Harley Davidson US offers FREE charging for LIVEWIRE

As Harley Davidson are just primed to launch the LIVEWIRE in September, in the United States some participating dealerships will be offering its customers two years of free charging.

A predicted 140mile range for city riding which is likely to be a lot less for open roads…as little as 60miles by some accounts but yet verified…so recharging regularly will be a reality that many will not want to face…not that hefty price tag or $29,799 in the US and £28,995 in the UK isn’t enough to scare most potential customers off.

Being £10K more expensive than proven electric motorcycles is also going to be a big hurdle for the US manufacturer, however the hope that many brand followers will make the transition from internal combustion to electric.

The free charging with a total of 500 kWh over two years does sound like a good deal, but charring isn’t a quick process unless the charging system will be a speeding 30mins unto 80% charge.
Perhaps there will be a ride in – ride out potential for customers to ride their bikes overs to dealers to show off the new bike to other customers too. Get a free charge but also immerse themselves back into the wider HD community as opposed to being lone riders on the horizon…as land as that horizon is within 60+ miles of course.

This will be interesting to see how many dealerships get involved in this, how many bikes be sold…and ultimately how many riders will take advantage of the free charging service.

Here in the UK, not all Harley dealerships will be offering the sale of the LIVEWIRE as there is a huge investment required in infrastructure and staff training to accommodate it. Perhaps independent dealers may shy away from it or act as secondary dealers but will not offer the servicing and tech support.

If there is a chain of dealerships, perhaps one will be chosen as the dedicated LIVEWIRE hub for support and sales but this is a game changer for both customers and the dealerships themselves, so undoubtedly there will be a transition period.



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