Harley Davidson Sport Glide – Paint Guard Kit – High altitude pricing!

It will be of no surprise to many, how expensive Harley Davidson parts and accessories can be for your pride and joy but some parts are just outrageous!

I have just purchased a H-D Sport Glide and of course I am looking at potential accessories for the future. I accept my fate in that regard and the fun will be trying to source parts and accessories from wherever I can for a price that will be acceptable to me.

As an initial purchase, I am keeping the motorcycle completely stock. I have lots of reasons for that decision, but the main one right now is that I really don’t know what I would like to change yet specifically and what model or brand I will choose to swap in.

However there are a couple of items that I will add as a necessity and this is mostly to help protect the bike and especially the paintwork and the saddlebags too. So I’ve looked at the Harley catalogue…and for a transparent paint guard for the saddlebags comes in at £72.25. That is merely for two thin strips of vinyl wrap material that will stick to the panniers.

For the fairing, it is an amazing £87.74 for the privilege of adding a similar product to help protect the fairing from flying debris that might add scratches etc.

I’m sure you can imagine my further confusion when I went onto ebay and found a large piece of vinyl wrap material for £2.50 which I merely have to cut to a suitable shape and apply myself.

Surely for any accessory there has to be value…and in this particular product I see value…but not at that price…not by a long shot. Especially considering this is purely for the vinyl itself and not to pay the tech to apply it either…you’ll still have to do that yourself.

I’m already learning the truth behind where HD’s major source of incoming is and if it’s over priced items like this…I can see why.

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