Ethiopia – Addis Ababa bans all motorcycles in city!

“What is this sorcery?”…I hear you exclaim. Yes in a bold move by the Ethiopian authorities, all motorcycle activity in Addis Ababa has been banned due to what the authorities deem as the many cause of crimes within the city.

However this is tarring everyone with the same brush of course and this has already affected commuters and social riders as well as many businesses which have had to close their doors until this can be resolved or the ruling overturned.

The only exception is for professional riders to be allowed in, but it doesn’t clarify as yet what that actually means.

So in the meantime, riders of all descriptions are having their bikes confiscated and riding has stopped in the capital. One major flaw in this crime tackling plan is that most people using bikes in the city, use them as an affordable mode of transport and one that helps to beat the traffic jams and ease congestion to a certain degree.

Now these riders will be forced to get into other vehicles or by public transport and this will only put greater burden on the already crippled traffic management system.

Let’s see how long this ban lasts for and if the mighty backlash already felt will have any kind of sobering affect.



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