Would you vinyl wrap your motorcycle?

Auto wraps are becoming evermore popular and they are a great way to keep original paintwork in pristine condition too.

Modern technology and printing allows for intricate designs so it almost appears like a brand new custom paint job but still retaining that stock vehicle beneath.

Motorcycle wrapping is nothing new of course but in a world where custom paint jobs would appear to be on the demise and riders looking for more flexible methods to change the look of their bikes, the vinyl wrap seems to be like a good choice.

Especially if you’re looking for plain colours or mere paint protection on your bike then this is a great option.

In the past I have applied vinyl pieces to the major wear points in a bike but even with that on some occasions I wish I had wrapped more parts.

Now, would it be appropriate to wrap a brand new bike all over? Possibly not, but if you’re intending on going on a tour or planning to ride some roads or trails where the bike will encounter a lot of dirt or flying gravel, then a wrap is a good and relatively inexpensive option to protect your ride.

The question is now whether you attempt to do this yourself or get a pro to do it. Well we all know that the pro will do the best job but it could be expensive.

So a cheap way would be to buy some wrap in the colour of your choice off eBay and try to do it yourself. Watch lots of YouTube videos and just see how it goes.

The worst that can happen is that it looks awful and you’ve wasted a bit of time and a few bits of coin, so you end up going to the pro to get the job done right…but it will cost!

So getting the tank and fairings done as well as the mudguard and side panels might be a good place to start or merely focus on where you’re likely to get the most wear or most damage from rising the roads.

Another good idea is to wrap your motorcycle panniers if you have them. They quickly get marked especially on the forward and top faces, so if you’re looking to preserve the new look of those, this might be the best decision you’ll make.

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