Damon Motorcycles – World’s First AI Electric Motorcycle

Damon Motorcycles out of Vancouver BC have just produced a fully Artificial Intelligence capable motorcycle that will provide advance early warning of a collision and this is being demonstrated on an electric motorcycle over the next week on the West coast of the USA.

The demonstration will come after the public showing of Damon’s AI-enhanced and transforming electric motorcycle at TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility. They will be on the stage at the California Theater in San Jose, California from 1:00 PM to 1:10 PM PT on July 10.

Their patented traffic collision avoidance system will be demonstrated to over a thousand industry people that include primaries of the mobility and transportation industry.

From Business Week

“Damon has created the first AI-enhanced warning system for motorcycles. The patented Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles (AWSM) locks onto dozens of objects in 360º around the motorcycle, and alerts the rider to oncoming threats using visual cues and patented haptic vibration in the handlebars. The sensor array also tracks the speed, direction and velocity of up to 64 objects at once to anticipate an accident ahead of time, giving riders that one extra second needed to react. The electronically adjustable ergonomics unique to Damon motorcycles is capable of accommodating diverse road conditions, providing a safer, smarter and more adaptable motorcycle for two-wheel commuters.

“We built what every rider dreams of: a motorcycle that can adapt to the changing road conditions, perfectly suited for inner city commutes, winding back roads and everything in between,” said Jay Giraud, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Damon Motorcycles. “Having a Damon motorcycle means having an upright commuter bike, a forgiving touring bike and an exhilarating sport bike, all-in-one.”

The motorcycle is an ideal vehicle for saving time and reducing congestion for commuting, nestled between lower range freeway-restricted scooters and e-bikes and full-size cars. Yet, as semi-autonomous cars become more common, motorcycles are and have long been perceived as unsafe, intimidating and hard to ride, leading to a widening gap in user adoption. As congestion increases in cities as a result of a growing urban population and access to cars is restricted, innovation is vital for commuters that depend on motorcycles for cross-city commuting”

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