Triumph Explorer has to go! A fond farewell.

Well, the time has finally arrived for the tried and tested Triumph Explorer to leave the stable. It has been 2 1/2 years of energetic adventuring off the beaten track and along many single dirt trails but this coming weekend I will be handing my keys over to a dealer and will be getting my hands on a new bike.

It’s a mixture of excitement and sadness as I look to this last week of riding this big adventure bike which has served me very well, both as a commuter, general utility vehicle and of course for off road adventures.

I probably put it through its paces on more times than I care to mention and soon found out what it was very good at…and by contrast what it was very limited at doing. However the trials and tribulations I shared with this ride will stay with me forever and immortally documented on the youtube channel too.

However, I cam to the realisation that whilst it was a generally a fantastic bike, it was merely adequate in where I wanted it to excel the most, hence my decision to swap out for a road going beast and then invest in a small enduro trialer in the autumn.

I say goodbye to its strength and resilience and to its flawless ability to surprise me at every turn. It rarely missed a beat, and even when it did, it was a simple solution to get me going again. I shall miss its practicality and the knobbly tyres that got me into mischief on more than a single occasion.

I say goodbye old friend…and if I see you again, or one of your brothers, I shall raise a smile and afford you an acknowledging nod and hope you serve your next own as well as you served me.

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