Moped thieves face biker retaliation!

The moped thievery and criminal activity being carried out by brazen and violent delinquent youths in the UK has been on the rise for some time.

It seems almost every day there is a new incident in the major cities and towns, however this appears to be spreading into the provinces too. The police have had enough and are starting to tackle the issue whenever they can, but these feral kids appear to be getting away with it because the ‘system’ has been too soft on them.

Police officers who rammed moped thieves off their bikes came in for heavy criticism from the liberal nay sayers whilst being heralded by those with a more no nonsense approach, if they were ever allowed to be so.

Herein lies the problem where society will punish those who would act to keep those delinquents in check, whilst those perpetrating crimes and anti social behaviour are somehow perceived to be protected or immune from substantial prosecution.

Whilst this is frustrating and may not resemble the whole truth, the fact that the wider motorcycling community have also been disturbed by this menace and want it stopped, should sound alarm bells too.

In the north east of England, motorcyclists have recently allegedly been carrying weapons to protect themselves from thieves but also from others who would tar law abiding bikers with the same delinquent and anti social brush.

Whilst bikers of all types and persuasions will undoubtedly work hand in hand with the police to address the wider problem, the murmurs in the ether are that bikers are intolerant of this moped criminality and are unlikely to stand idly by whilst this continues.

A defence of oneself and ones property is all anyone can hope to achieve and no doubt the police must act swiftly to stamp out these louts, but it requires greater emphasis on community policing and cooperation within said community to stop this activity before it develops into something more. I’m sure the overwhelming majority of bikers in the UK will support the police in their efforts in this regard.

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