Harley Davidson Sport Glide – Limited Accessories

If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, then at some stage you’ll be looking to modify it in some manner. It could be the tiniest insignificant part that you think really needs to go or it could just be something quite substantial.

Harley Davidson motorcycles are the quintessential platform for customising, in fact the manufacturer have built a brand over the last 116yrs that was ripe for personalisation. They soon realised that what the ‘kids’ really wanted was to make their bike their own, so they set about making accessory parts but this also spurned a whole industry and seemingly endless other companies that are willing to make custom parts for a particular model.

Virtually every model, both new and old you will be able to find parts, original to otherwise to fit it, but it may come to as some surprise to some that one of the model that does not currently have an extensive accessory catalogue is that of the HD Sport Glide.

There are black engine casings to swap out that chrome and some lighting and seating options as well as handler bars and a single exhaust option from screaming eagle but that’s about it for approved parts right off the bat and for everything to be within the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.

You would imagine that within time this will undoubtedly change but the model is already within it’s second year of production and many are asking why there isn’t more. Harley seem to be tight lipped on the subject or nobody seems to know the answer. Perhaps it’s as simple as the bike is too good to change…perhaps that is why I have chosen it as my next ride or possibly there is something more sinister at work?

Harley Davidson and their new bikes with the Milwaukee 8 engine have had to come to terms with the US EPA restrictions meaning they have not been able to offer much in performance add ons for such a new bike it seems, whilst other models this has not been affected so much.

Perhaps once the 2 year anniversary bell rings, this will open the floodgates to multiple accessories, but until then we shall just have to live and hope for a wider scope to choose from in the future.

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