Gloucestershire Police tackle Moped crime!

Spring signifies the birth of a new season and since Easter where there had been a sudden rise in moped crime and anti social behaviour in the Cheltenham area, Gloucester police have hit back, kicking down doors and taking names!

Operation Endurance has seen a huge return in their efforts to address delinquent activity of moped riders and thieves which are being ridden both on the roads and off roads in public areas which is not only causing a nuisance but also endangering members of the public too it has been claimed.

The operation has recently seen 20 mopeds and motorcycles been confiscated and riders detained too. The police working within the community are hitting this head on and undoubtedly are receiving support not only from the wider public but also from the motorcycling community who take a very dim view of this kind of behaviour whose actions give every rider a bad name too.

This approach is being adopted around the country as police forces ramp up their efforts to stop this menace from getting totally out of control. Police forces all over the UK have been struggling with funding for some time but have not escaped criticism for not effectively dealing with this issue and other social crimes too, however this newly found determination to stop these moped crimes and misdemeanours will prove popular to everyone as a whole.

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