Zero Motorcycle Crash – Rider Clotheslined by Power Cable

Unsettling and yet ironic, a Zero motorcycle rider in California, USA had a serious accident after being swiped off of his bike by a low slung electric cable.

Fortunately he was wearing motorcycle protection which minimised his injuries somewhat, however he still sustained serious injuries but is expected to make a full recovery.

Apparently the rider was on the exit ramp of Highway 1 at Rio del Mar and although he saw the cable, he misjudged it and thought it was actually laying on the ground, where it then struck him on the helmet and clotheslined him off the bike.

One would assume that the cable had broken free from it’s secure height for some reason but the irony of an electric bike rider being struck by an electric cable did not escape being noticed, although it must be clearly stated that the rider was not electrocuted during the incident.

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