V8 Electric Bike from Curtiss Zeus

That iconic individual motorcycle brand, yet with a hefty price tag, that was Confederate have now transformed under the new ownership of Curtiss Motorcycle…and they’re going all out electric for next year.

Their new incarnation: Zeus, is set to produce 217hp from the V8 Battery banks which are ideally designed to provide extra cooling for the internal batteries which produce 16.7kwh.

The batteries are connected to a Yasa P400 Series motor producing a total of 217hp – 160kW in electric speak. And that is by far head and shoulders above latest production electric bikes on the market.

The Curtiss Zeus is planned to be released in early 2020 for a staggering $75K and whilst this is way beyond the average purse holder’s reach, I’m sure it will attract those who would wish for a bike just that little bit different and also jump on the electric pioneer bandwagon.

The Zeus comes with aluminium girder front suspension, a hand-welded titanium/chromoly tubular chassis, with CNC machined 6061 aluminium fusion and lightweight carbon fibre wheels. It looks astonishing and sounds amazing too…errr, no, well silently sounding off I would wager. Can’t wait to see this bike in the flesh.

Photo from Curtiss Motorcycle

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