Royal Enfield going low into 250cc Bikes.

Royal Enfield are looking to produce a lower capacity 250cc motorcycle in an attempt to boost numbers which recently have to slightly below par.

The company which enjoys an almost tribal following, especially in India is looking to diversify it’s ranges from the Continental Gt and Intercetor bikes using the 650cc powerplant and the Himalayan 410cc adventure bike which hasn’t been a hot favourite of the motorcycling masses in India.
Of course the Classic and Bullet bikes using their 500cc power plants are still hot favourites there and getting some great reviews in other countries too. Never blessed with amazing speed but then again they were never intended to do so either.

One of the big problems facing Royal Enfield is the rising costs associated with enforced ABS and Emissions standards on the new bikes and rising insurance premiums especially for the youth market.

Whilst the 250cc is currently in R&D, it is expected that a lower cc engine might just be the ticket to boost the market for this Indian Motorcycle manufacturer which up until recently was the best profiteering automobile manufacturer in the country. More news to come on this and photos to be released by Royal Enfield when ready.

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